Girls in Cebu City | Philippines Travel Vlog – Day 1


DISCLAIMER: Prostitution exists wherever humans exist. It is not a Filipino problem, it is not a western problem, and in my opinion it is not a problem at all. It has always existed and always will exist. Where it becomes a problem is when it is forced upon women and their rights are violated. If you have an issue with seeing the fact/reality of prostitution happening in Cebu City, Skip the video, or feel free to dislike or comment on the video. It is not my intention to portray that all women in Cebu are like that. Certainly that is not true- just see my other videos to understand who I am before you jump to conclusions that I am one of “those” westerners. The title is simply serving its purpose: that is to get you to click on the video. I make daily videos of whatever happens to me while traveling. I was simply walking through a shopping center and was acosted by at least 5 women. It was not my decision to make that happen. So yeah, I am going to make the vlog about that. Again, prostitution happens wherever humans exist, it is actually quite normal. I just found it funny that I was mobbed by all these women. If you have an issue with prostitution, it is not my fault that it is happening. Thanks for understanding.

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First time in the Philippines, first time in SE Asia! I arrived from the Maldives after a long overnight flight, and I am staying in Cebu City for a week while I apply for a passport renewal. I plan to be in the Philippines for at least one month, exploring and doing as much as I can here… Subscribe follow me on this solo-travel adventure!

I plan to make daily vlogs as much as possible; please leave a like to help support my channel!

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