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Export data out of R: How to Export Data out of R and Save in Various Formats: csv, tab-delimited, space-delimited. Find the Practice Dataset(DataToExport) and R Script: ( 👍🏼Best Statistics & R Programming Language Tutorials: ( )

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How to export data out of R and save in various formats such as csv, tab-delimited, space-delimited:
▶︎ In this R programming video tutorial, you will learn to use various R functions such as “write.table”, “write.csv”, “write.csv2”, “write.command” and “write.delim” to export data out of R.
▶︎ In this tutorial, you will learn to use “sep” argument to specify the file format or separator for the values, “row.names” argument to include or exclude the row names.

◼︎ Table of Content:

0:00:34 Introducing the ‘write. table’ command for exporting data out of R.
0:00:39 How to access the help menu for a command in R
0:00:53 How to use the ‘write.table’ command in R Software
0:01:08 How to use “sep” argument to specify the file format or separator for the values in R
0:01:50 How to include or exclude the row names while exporting data out of R Programming software using ‘row.names’ argument
0:02:21 How to save file exported from R to a folder other than the current working directory:
0:03:01 How to use the “write.csv” command to export data from R (this will not require using “sep” argument as it is implied in the write.csv that we would like this to be saved as a comma separated value file)
0:03:22 a quick overview of “write.csv2” command that is used in Western Europe and would use a comma for a decimal point and a semicolon for a separator rather than a comma
0:03:33 How to use write.command in for saving in other file formats for example a tab delimited text file

These video tutorials are useful for anyone interested in learning data science and statistics with R programming language using RStudio.

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