With focus tangle, OYBAY a Zentangle® Mini Project.


Let’s create Zentangle with a focus tangle called OYBAY. A simple linear looking interesting border and filler tangle… that has an organic look… Here, I am creating a simple black and white Zentangle using tangle OYBAY. Go grab your tile, pen, pencil, stub, and tangle along with me!!
🤩 Take your artistic journey one stroke at a time and find your creative soul.
Luv ❤️

Tangles used: OYBAY, Mooka
Materials: White Square Tile, Black Micron Pen 01, pencil, and stub
#zentangleminiproject #FocusFlightseries #Zenbeez

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Join me to create Zentangle® Mini Projects for instant Zen!!
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“This video is solely the property of SANDHYA MANNE, a Certified Zentangle Teacher acting with permission from Zentangle, Inc., and may not be copied, recorded or redistributed without the prior written consent of SANDHYA MANNE, CZT and Zentangle, Inc. All Zentangle related trademarks are the sole and exclusive property of Zentangle, Inc., and may not be copied, recorded, reproduced or otherwise used without the express prior written consent of Zentangle, Inc.”

What is Zentangle?
The Zentangle Method® involves using non-representational, unplanned structured pattern drawing to enter a state of mindfulness and flow. We refer to the patterns as Tangles. So you see its Zen with Tangles.
Founded by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts around 2003, Zentangle is a meditative art form that leads to creating simple abstract art using minimal supplies.

I am Sandhya Manne an Artist and a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I have been practicing and teaching Zentangle for over 10 yrs now, and have been part of many art-shows both in the US and India. Many of my works are now part of private collections in India, Canada, the USA, and the UK. I sell my art through my website, my studio, art shows, and commissions.

In 2011, I met the founders of Zentangle and got certified to teach, making me India’s first Certified Zentangle Teacher. Since then I have been sharing this amazing art with a variety of participants for instant gratification, satisfaction, self-confidence, and total Zen. I have taught 1000s of people both in the US and India through community colleges, art associations, corporate sessions, private and group classes, international online classes, and now on YouTUBE with short bite-size projects.

I enjoy coming up with new ideas and designing my classes to give Zentangle a twist… I am always planning on teaching concepts and complicated ideas in an easily doable mindful way.

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