Student Speak: Janvi (Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, USA)


Janvi, studying in Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. She enrolled there 2 years ago with the help of Krishna Consultants. She mentioned how interesting her subject is, and the practical work she does during her study. She is given ample chance to work with her senior professors working in the fashion industry. She interned for two consecutive semesters. She took 21 credits each year and maintained 3.9 GPA out of 4. The faculties are very helpful to guide her on a subject she found difficult. She got selected for 5 Theta Kappa Company, as all student that maintain a 3.5 GPA and above are given work opportunities from the college. She got an opportunity to attend Pennsylvania and got an opportunity to attend seminars to give lectures to students.

She is very thankful to KC that it helped her get to the university that was not a part to their partnered institutions, she also mentioned how easy and smooth it had been to get her admission and other visa services without a single issue throughout. She will take “pattern making” as her next course after completing her bachelors in 2021.

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