DIY Wooden Clothing Rack for less than ₱1,000 | Philippines


since a lot of you were asking on how we made this rack, so here it is! Re(making) my DIY Wooden Clothes Rack ♡ this is just a quickie video and shoot by myself (+ a lil participation of my injured tripod) but I spent plenty of time to make this video, so I hope you guys enjoy this diy video and if you did please give this video a big thumbs up if not please don’t let me know that only hurts my feelings b’cz i spent most of my time in making videos so, comment down below (i read every single comment) and subscribe because it’s free.

here’s the materials you need:
4 x 151mm of wood (x4)
airvent (x2)
wooden rod (x1)
bolts, nuts & washer (x2)
wood screws (x10)
sandpaper (x1)
woodstain (this is optional & depends on you)
tissue or cloth

and a LOT of patience.

total spent: 472php (w/o sandpaper & wood stain)

F A Q’s
what’s your name? i’m kai
what’s your instagram? @kaiemnace
how old are you? 25
how short are you? 5’2 (truly pinoy hehe)
what equipment do you use to film?
➭ camera: iPhone 8+
➭ editing: iMovie
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f o r b u s i n e s s e m a i l ➭

Thank You for watching! ♡



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