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Versant’s test suite provides an economical and efficient way to streamline your interviewing and hiring process. Tests can be given any time, from any location to provide:

– Objective, reliable scoring
– Immediate access to test results
– Reduced time and expense

Versant objectively measures an applicant’s overall spoken English skill and examines four key areas designed to assess fluency and comprehension:

– Sentence Mastery

– Vocabulary

– Fluency

– Pronunciation

At the overall score level, Versant computer-generated scores provide complete objective scoring, taking away the possibility for human error.

Data from studies conducted by TeleDevelopment and their third party benchmarking partners provided evidence to support the following conclusions:

– Versant produces precise and reliable skill estimates

– Sub-scores are reasonably distinct and therefore offer useful diagnostics

– Overall scores have meaningful correlation with related tests of English proficiency including the TOEFL, TSE, Common European Framework and ILR Speaking

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We’d love to walk you through the process of understanding on how Versant works for your recruitment needs.

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