TOP 5 Budget phones with 720G( Gaming) Processor 2020-21| Best Mid Range smartphones for gaming


A few months back, Qualcomm announced three new chipsets that fill the gap in its existing affordable and lower-midrange lineup or the market where MediaTek is trying hard to make a comeback. This is Really Mid range Gaming Chipset for Gaming lover

These are 4G LTE only chipsets and the first lot to support ISRO’s NavIC constellation for better location accuracy in congested urban areas. The Snapdragon 720G leads the pack and should be a replacement for Snapdragon 710 and Snapdragon 712 powered gaming phones moving forward. As the ‘G’ moniker denotes, the chipset leverages “select Snapdragon Elite Gaming features from premium-tier mobile platforms”, but Qualcomm also ushers in improvements in other areas like Audio, cameras, and display colors, dynamic range, and contrast.
The Snapdragon 720G is positioned below Snapdragon 730G, but the two chips have quite a few similarities in terms of specifications.
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