DIY ROOM DECOR! Cute panda pillow (Sew/no sew) | Lovely gift idea!


Hi guys!! Today I bring you another diy room decor idea that is super cute and can also be a lovely gift idea.

To make this cute panda pillow you will need: white fleece, black felt and pillow stuffing.

Start of by drawing on a newspaper the shape of your panda. Make an oval shape and the add the ears. You can just make half of the shape, fold the paper in half, cut that shape and you will have a symmetric stencil once you unfold the paper. Then cut the ears of the stencil.

Outline them on the black felt, I’m using yellow chalk for this. You will have to make two of each one and then cut them out leaving one centimeter of seam allowance. Place them right sides together and sew or glue them following the line. Then turn them right side out and stuff them with some pillow stuffing or cotton.
Take the other part of the stencil and trace two ovals onto the white fleece, you can use any type of fabric but I think that fleece works really well for this. Then cut them out leaving one cm of seam allowance.

Place one of the white pieces right side up, then the two ears facing inside as you see and pin them in place. Finally place the other white piece right side down and pin everything in place. I couldn’t figure out a better way of doing this but if you have another method I would love to read it in the comment section. Sew or glue everything leaving a small gap at the bottom part.
Use that gap to turn the pillow inside out and to stuff it until it is full and fluffy. Then sew or glue the gap shut.

For the eyes I drew a circle on the newspaper and traced it twice on the black felt. For the nose I drew a rounded triangle and did the same thing. I also made two smaller white circles for the pupils and two pink felt rectangles for the cheeks.
Finally I placed them all on the pillow and once I was happy with it I glued them down with some fabric glue. And your panda pillow is finished!

As you see it’s really simple to make and you can personalize it by making lots of different face designs. And don’t forget to show me a picture through twitter or Instagram if you try this. Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you next time! Bye!

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