Create a 3D Holding Hands Plaster Cast – using our Adult Hand Casting Kit with our 5L Containers


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Quick, instructional video of how to create a ‘holding hands’ cast using our Adult Hands Casting Kit that includes the x2 5L Containers.

In just a few, simple stages, you can create a most wonderful keepsake of a 3D holding hands cast. When you have finished creating your cast, leave it to dry out thoroughly for at least a week before painting. Check out our ‘Metal Effect Paint Finish’ video to learn how to finish off your casts which will make them look truly amazing!

Our Adult Hands Casting Kit is a fabulous gift for any occasion, especially Anniversaries, Weddings and Valentines. But it’s also a great thing to do to create an everlasting keepsake of elderly relatives, something you will have of them to treasure forever…

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