Little Miracles | Season 2 | Episode 29 | Juliean Arrives from the Philippines


Eight year old Juliean lives in the Philippines. She was born with a condition that causes her brain tissue to push forward through a hole in the front part of her skull. Treatment is not available for her at home, but thanks to the local Filipino community and the hospital’s Herbie Fund, Juliean is able to get the necessary surgery. Ordinary kids. Extraordinary stories.

Audiences will witness the world’s tiniest miracles in this ground-breaking, factual series that takes us inside the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children.

An emotionally gripping series chronicles the ongoing stories of the “little miracles” performed everyday at “Sick Kids”– the miracles of kindness, and caring, scientific discovery and saving children’s lives. Episodes include a young girl who has been deaf since birth who undergoes an operation to restore her hearing; a 5-year-old boy rushed to emergency for a heart operation; a boy and his aunt facing intensive surgery in order for her to donate part of her liver to her nephew; a teenager who goes through with cancer surgery; and many other real-life inspirational stories of hope, courage and amazing miracles.



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