How to Send a Gift


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You took the time to pick out the perfect gift, now follow this advice to get it safe and sound to its final destination.

Step 1: Include a label
Include a label on the inside of the package as well as on the outside with the complete destination address and your return address.

Step 2: Take out batteries
Take all batteries out of electronic devices before shipping.

Step 3: Use a shipping box
Use a box designed for shipping. Do not use gift boxes — they are not strong enough and may get damaged during transportation.

If you want the recipient to be able to unwrap the present, place the wrapped gift in a shipping box for safe transportation.

Step 4: Secure with packaging tape
Secure all seams of the box with packaging tape.

Step 5: Fill out address
Fill out the address to whoever is receiving the gift. Make sure it’s written accurately, you don’t want to get it back!

Step 6: Provide sufficient postage
Provide sufficient postage. If you’re unsure of how many stamps to put on it, take it to the post office and they’ll weigh it and send it out for you.

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