11 Scariest Places On Earth


Check out the scariest places on earth! This top 10 list of creepiest places ever has some mysterious haunted ghost towns you shouldn’t visit!

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11. Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Hospitals alone can be a very scary place. The sounds of the machines, the hustle and bustle of the personnel as they try to save lives. The lighting that sometimes seems off. And the fact that you may have a potentially life-altering surgery or operation happen to you, or you may not leave said hospital because of an illness can be terrifying to anyone.

10. Door to Hell
Ok, don’t panic! I don’t mean the LITERAL door, I mean a more metaphorical one. For sometimes, a scary place is one that looks so intimidating and frightening that it doesn’t need a “paranormal” reason to exist. And this one actually has a scientific reason for its birth.

9. Helltown
Hey! Don’t blame me for these names! I didn’t come up with them.
Anyway, in Ohio, there is an area that was formerly called the Boston Township. In the 70’s, the government bought out the land and forced the residents to move in order for reconstruction to take place. Specifically, a national park was going to be put there.

8. The Death Road
Again I do not come up with these names. However, this one isn’t just accurate, it’s scary accurate. When you drive on your road in your hometown or city, the only things you have to “fear” are other motorists, the occasional deer running across the roads, and potholes. Right? Well, in Bolivia, there was, and technically still is, a road that was so treacherous that it claimed the lives of hundreds every year.

7. Stull, Kansas
Sometimes the creepiest places are ones that help tell their own story. Stull, Kansas is a very small town. In fact, there’s only about 20 people living there. But, it’s the true history of the town that has helped build its legend. There was a farmer who had to burn his field, and he did so.

6. Taylor Glacier
Here’s a case of nature making a scary thing without a single helping hand from humanity. In Antarctica, there is a waterfall…that is red. Like, really red. Don’t worry, it’s not blood, but when you look at Taylor Glacier you can’t help but think it’s bleeding.

5. Athens Lunatic Asylum
Oh yeah, you can’t have a “scariest places on Earth” without at least one insane asylum. And this one is ranked as unlucky 13th in the “Scariest Places On Earth” by a prominent group. So, why is it much higher here? Well, again, it’s the history that sells it.

4. Tower Of London
Oh yes, even the rich and powerful have places that are haunted. And the Tower of London is arguably one of the most famous haunted places on Earth. What’s more, the rumors of who haunts this place are nobles from the past. Including Arabella Stuart.

3. Death Valley
A classic location with an iconic name, Death Valley earned its moniker in many ways. First off, it’s home to the second-highest temperature ever recorded on Earth, a scorching 137 degrees. More than enough to kill humans and animals within minutes if not properly protected.

2. Savannah, Georgia
While it’s true I’ve listed a town in the list before, and I’m sure I’ll show you another one, this particular one is interesting because not only is Savannah, Georgia still very well populated, it’s hailed as one of the gems of the south.

1. Nagoro, Japan
On top of my list is a place that was literally built to be creepy depending on how you look at it.
Nagoro, Japan is a real village, and it’s still there today. And at one time, it had a very modest community. Yet, as life went on, the people of the small town moved away or died.



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