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BAGUIO CITY known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, owing to its cool climate since the city is located approximately 4,810 feet (1,470 meters) above mean sea level, often cited as 1,540 meters (5,050 feet) in the Luzon tropical pine forests ecoregion, which also makes it conducive for the growth of mossy plants, orchids and pine trees, to which it attributes its other moniker as the “City of Pines”. (According to Wikipedia)

But our first location in the Summer Capital is at Camp John Hay. (See photos, with descriptions)

John Hay Air Station is one of the most popular destinations in Baguio City or commonly known as Camp John Hay. A former military station of the United States Army established in the 1900s during the Philippine-American War. Compared to other tourist spots, Camp John Hay is not very crowded.

1. First go to the jeepney terminal located near the Igorot Park and Burnham Park; walk along Perfecto Street.
2. Look for Jeepney going to “Scout Barrio” or “Loakan” (10.00 pesos fare).
3. Tell the driver to drop you off the gate to Camp John Hay.
4. Walk your way to Camp John Hay.

The Historical Core of Camp John Hay includes the Bell House Museum, Bell Amphitheater, Cemetery of Negativism and Liberty Loop.

Entrance Fee to the Historical Core:
Student – 36.00 pesos
Regular – 75.00 pesos

At the left of the entrance is the Cemetery of Negativism,
you walk along the path to reach Bell House, and on the right is the totem pole


‘The Bell House’ was named after Major General Franklin Bell and ‘The Bell Amphitheater’ which was designed by himself.

‘The Cemetery of Negativism or the Lost Cemetery was established by John Hightower in the early 1980’s. The cemetery serves as a symbolic burial site for negativism.

‘The Bell Amphitheater’ which is a mini-flower garden and hosts a gazebo in the middle.

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