Philippines Adding 3500 Navy Forces & 15 Warship Near Sabah Waters for patrol


MALAYSIA PANIC – Philippines Adding 3500 Navy Forces & 15 Warship Near Sabah Waters for patrol :

Malaysia rejects PH, sultanate claims on Sabah :

MALAYSIA STOOD firm on its claim on the mineral-rich Sabah or North Borneo, just several hours by boat from the Filipino province of Tawi-Tawi.

The Sultanate of Sulu, founded in 1457, continues to lay claim to Sabah, which it obtained from Brunei as a gift for helping put down a rebellion on Borneo Island. The British leased Sabah and transferred control over the territory to Malaysia after the end of World War 2.

The Sulu Sultanate said it leased North Borneo in 1878 to the British North Borneo Co. for an annual payment of 5,000 Malayan dollars, which was increased to 5,300 Malayan dollars in 1903.

Marcos said the Philippines “acquired sovereignty and dominion over the territory of Sabah in accordance with a series of events, acts, agreements and transactions, including the Deed of Cession from the Sultan of Sulu of 1962 to the Philippines.”

In Sulu, Paramount Sultan Ibrahim Bahjin-Shakirullah 2nd said North Borneo was an inextricable part and parcel of the Sultanate of Sulu.

In a statement released on August 3 this year, he said the Sultanate of Sulu asserted that North Borneo was never lawfully ceded to the Republic of the Philippines and, therefore, remains a sovereign and independent state; the stipulation in the Deed of 1878 that the lessees of North Borneo shall administer the territory for “as long as they choose or desire to use them” places it in the category of a “perpetual lease,” effective for 100 years under international law.




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