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How to Build a Dance Studio at Home

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Hey STEEZY Nation,

Sick of dancing in front of windows? In random parking lots?? In your mom’s kitchen??? ON TOP OF MOVING CARS?!

But for real — it’s hard to get your training in when you don’t have a dedicated, private dance space. That’s why in this video we show you how to build a comfortable dance space that’s easy and budget-friendly.

Check out these necessities:

– Mirrors! Find cheap mirrors online or on resale websites like Craig’sList. Check out the video for more on how you can set them up for the optimal training set-up 👍🏻

– Speakers! Use Bluetooth enabled devices, your phone, laptop… anything that allows you to easily hear and adjust your tunes 🎶

Here’s our speaker recs (for all different budgets!):
– Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker ($27.99):
– Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers ($32.99):
– DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker ($29.99):
– JPL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker ($74.95):
– Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker ($99.95):

Bonus tip: Earbud hooks! If you practice using earbuds but don’t have workout specific ones, you might’ve been annoyed by them falling out. Silicone hooks attach to the earbud itself and make them fit snugly in your ear so NO MORE FLYING BUDS! Here’s some on Amazon:

Wanna know more? Make sure to watch the video!

Let us know in the comments what your essential at-home dance accessory is! Mine is snacks 😎

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Thanks for watching and hope you enjoyed the video!

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