37 Brilliant Budget Friendly Ideas To Decor Your House


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1. Art on wall.

2. Keys from everywhere.

3. How to use stack of books.

4. Garlands from paper cut-outs.

5. Paint chips to cover an entire wall.

6. Adorable calendar or even-more-adorable 3D letters

7. Patent-design prints and a simple wall flowers

8. Nail polish to remover bottle labels.

9. Newspaper to make a wall design.

10. DIY Vintage Lampshade.

11. Print out your instagrams

12. Display old t-shirts that have sentimental value.

13. DIY a custom rug from caret samples.

14. Hang pieces of fabric samples as wallpaper.

15. Display magazines on hangers.

16. Hang Vintage Posters

17. Spruce up a bland wall with colorful tape:

18. Make a Pop-Art picture of your dog:

19. DIY A headboard made of books

20. Make a unique rug using strips of cloth:

21. Make a polka-dotted wall

22. Use tree trunks as tables:

23. Decorate the washer and dryer with adhesive tape

24. Hang photos on clipboards:

25. Add a touch of color to your old chair

26. Make a wall of license plates in your bathroom

27. Hang your photos in an original way

28. Refresh your dining room table with different color chairs

29. Turn an old drawer into a mini-shelf

30. A rustic coat hanger for fall

31. Ladder as a bookshelf

32. Cool vintage flower pot

33. Revive something old

34. Ombré paint to revive an old dresser

35. Old window or closet door to hold your mail and postcards

36. Paint your stairs.

37. Brighten up a corner of your room and add letters, photos, and other ~inspiration~



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