Travelled to USA and Japan In Lockdown I Pandemic Travel Vlog of Indian Girl


Hi Friends , Are you bored in lockdown . Lets travel to USA and Japan with me in lockdown to enjoy even in this lockdown . In America my youtuber friend Aaradhna will help us in our tour and in Japan my friend Neha will guide us in this lockdown travel journey . Friends as you know America is number 1 in covid cases and election is also in process in America but i promise you that this covid journey to foreign countries will be 100% safe and all of you will enjoy this journey by flight to these two famous countries. We will take all precautions to make this journey safe and enjoyable . We will visit metro station , bus stand , Painting Exhibition , College , Lake , market of America and Japan .We will take taste of famous chocolates of Japan too. So friends lets have fun now .

Please note this is fun video and have no relationship with covid in actual .

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