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I have compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding traveling in the Philippines. Some of the questions were posted in the comments section of my previous video uploads and I tried my best to answer them. There will be another video covering similar topics.

The Philippines is implementing a process for two types of Filipino passengers arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA):

1. OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) – If a family is traveling with an OFW, they are called OFW’s for these purposes.

2. Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROF) and non OFW’s including spouses and children of Filipinos arriving from international flights at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). This is also applicable to eligible foreign nationals and foreign diplomats.

✅Here are the links for resources:


🔰Alien spouses of Filipinos need visa to enter Philippines

🔰BI implements ban on non-essential travel

🔰BI to Filipino travelers: Strict compliance travel requirements

🔰BI states that only permanent residents can enter Philippines starting August 1, 2020. This means only Philippine passport holders and eligible foreign nationals can enter Philippines or those holders of permanent resident visas in Philippines. All other foreigners will be denied entry for tourism purposes.

🇵🇭Philippine Embassy in the United States:

Public Advisory: Effective August 9, 2020

✅Non-Immigrant VISA Application:

✅Schedule and Fees

✔️Philippines Travel Update Playlist

❇️Public Health Locator Form From World Health Organization and IATA:

❇️Philippine Airlines Waiver and Declaration Form


❇️ OFW/NON OFW/Dual Citizens
Form e-cif to minimize the spread of virus into the Philippines through the ports of entry. This is called the electronic case investigation form. Must be filled out 3 days before arrival in the Philippines. ALL PASSENGERS traveling to Philippines NEED to fill out this form.

❇️Philippine Airlines Travel Guide

❇️Department of Tourism Accredited Hotels and Protocols

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