Stellaris Tips – 10 Tips for Colonization & Sectors (Stellaris Tutorial)


Wanna get better at playing Stellaris? I compiled the experience of my long insane difficulty let’s play series ‘The Great Old Ones’ (watch it here: ) into this video tutorial series so that you can learn from my mistakes and use the best and most useful strategies that I found.
Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro 0:30 Colonization Priorities 3:58 Securing Good Planets 5:37 Do Resources Vanish? 6:28 Placing The First Building 11:00 Frontier Clinics 12:28 Food First! 14:03 Jumpstart Your Colonies 15:36 Cycling Governors 16:46 You Control Sector Spaceports 17:39 Argument For Small Sectors

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