Romantic Comedy Movies Coming Out in 2021


Netflix continued its mission to singlehandedly save the rom-com genre with movies like Love, Guaranteed, Love Wedding Repeat, and The Love Birds in 2020. But the streamer had a helping hand from other warm and swoony entries like The Happiest Season and the latest adaptation of Emma, both from Hulu. After a year full of so many different kinds of love stories, can 2021’s crop of romantic comedy movies bring viewers the same level of feels?

Even though Netflix likes to spring fresh rom-coms on fans without much warning, there are plenty of already-announced movies worth getting excited over. It’s clear that Hollywood is stepping up its game in the rom-com department after years of mostly ignoring the genre. For starters, the new year is set to bring the arrival of the much-anticipated Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, a quirky romance from Wes Anderson, and the final movie in the To All the Boys trilogy.

There’s also several movies that don’t perfectly fit the rom-com mold, but which are sure to still delight anyone looking for movies that include a quality love story. Read on to discover all the romantic comedies (and romantic-comedy-adjacent movies) that you’ll be falling for in 2021.

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