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I asked my friends, Co-Residents, Consultants and University Students about famous Pre-Med Courses in the Philippines. This will guide Aspiring Doctors and High School Students on what course to take in College if they pursue Medical School in the future. This Vlog will talk about the Advantages, Disadvantages and Experiences of each specialty. If you are eager to find out and very much interested. Pls do watch and see it for you to believe it. Yay!😅🌾

🌞Courses I’ve Mention in the Video:👨‍⚕️
1. #BSPsychology
2. #BSMedicalTechnology
3. #BSPharmacy
4. #BSPhysicalTherapy
5. #BSBiology
6. #BSChemistry
7. #BSRadiologicTechnology
8. #Intarmed
9. #BSNursing

Always remember to love what you do and do what you love. Reach your goals and have faith, everything will turn out right. Theres no easy road to succcess, pray to God and just do your best.

Disclaimer: Some of the Photos Presented in the video were not mine. I just grabbed it in the web. Credits to the rightful owners of the photos. They are used solely for educational purposes. Thank you❤️

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