Explosion gift box for your boyfriend, girlfriend | Valentine's Day gift ideas for him, her.


Valentine’s is approaching fast and if you looking for a perfect gift for him or her, than this video is for you. This Valentines Explosion Box will make your loved one feel precious. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will never forget you and the cute gift you got for them – 100% 🙂

Ever wonder what a exploding box or explosion box is? It’s much more harmless than it sounds. The term is used to describe paper boxes that have cunningly been created so that the sides cascade outwards as the lid is removed. Such a fun and innovative way to personalize a birthday gift, an anniversary gift, or even boxes for wedding favors. Simply change the color and theme of the paper or cardstock used to create a box which is perfect for any occasion.

Since this is a handmade craft, you can customize this exploding box any which way you’d like. For instance, you can try adding rubber stamped tags with a special message, attaching decorative embellishments, adding keepsakes, pictures or mementos, or anything else that you can think of. You can place a gift in the center of the box, or make a tiny gift box and attach it to the center of the box, to hold your special present.

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