Bridges: Mission to Coron


In response to the devastation left behind by Typhoon Haiyan, the Bridges to Haiti Medical Team will travel to Coron, Busuanga Island in the Philippines in February 2015. Our objective is to establish an on-going Healthcare Outreach to the area. Despite Coron’s image as a top tourist destination, most of its residents live in poverty and have no access to healthcare. This is especially true for the indigenous Tagbuana tribe on the island. There is only one small District Hospital in the town of Coron which employs only 3 physicians to serve an island population of almost 50,000 people.

Bridges to Haiti is based in Carson, California USA (Arnel Eugenio, DDS – Dir. of Field Operations; Jasmine Eugenio, M.D. – Medical Director). It was established by Alton Trimble, pastor of Glory Christian Fellowship Int’l and Bridges Economic and Community Development Corp. Our mission was to aid the people of Carries, Haiti in response to the 2010 earthquake and subsequent cholera epidemic. Bridges to Haiti has continued its operations in the region since June 2010.

In this mission, we have expanded our scope outside of Haiti and will operate under the moniker of ‘Bridges to the Nations.’

For more information, please visit or call (310) 538-5577.



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