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10 facts about spain. This list contains ten facts you didn´t know about the country spain. Do you know interesting, amazing, fascinating and mind blowing things about spain? Let us know in the comments…

10. The Spaniards have a completely different life rythmn from other Europeans. They typically have lunch between 1 and 3 pm, dinner around 9 and 10 pm, and rarely sleep before the early hours of the night.
9. Tomatoes, potatoes, avocados, tobacco, and cacao, were all brought to Europe (then spread around the world) by the Spaniards from their American colonies.
8. Spain was neutral in WWI and WWII but experienced a civil war (1936-1939) which killed over 500,000 people. The victorious General Francisco Franco ruled as a brutal dictator until his death in 1975.
7. The most popular type of music in Spain is the Flamenco. Flamenco is thought to have been developed by the Moors who brought it to Spain from North Africa in the early A.D. 700s.
6. Spain has some of the largest gold deposits in Europe. It is also one of the world’s biggest producers of granite and marble.
5. Spaniards are famous for their contributes to art, with famous Spanish artists including Dali, Picasso, Gaudi, el Greco, and Goya.
4. Spain has the lowest age of consent for sexual activity in Europe at 13 years old. Both Malta and Turkey have the highest at 18.
3. Spain is the 5th exporter of wine to the U.S.A. (after Italy, Australia, France and Chile).
2. The world’s smallest church is located in the southern Spanish chapel Malaga. The name of the church – Santa Isabel de Ungru-in-Kolomares, its inner area is 1.96 m ².
1. The Spaniards invented for example: The Original Space Suit, Table Football, rolling tobacco in fine paper (Cigarettes), Chupa Chups (lollipops).

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