Japan's Tajima Motor Company unveils Tsunami Floating Shelter SAFE+ survival pod


A Japanese company plans to build a tsunami survival pod designed for rescue workers who wait until the last minute before evacuating.

Tajima Motor Corporation’s Tsunami Floating Shelter SAFE+ comes in two sizes that hold 10 or 20 people, respectively. The design was inspired by the March 2011 tsunami that hit Japan and is part of a planned suite of rescue and evacuation systems under the SAFE+ moniker, including amphibious rescue ambulances, planned by company CEO Nobuhiro Tajima.

Noting that the pods will most likely not often be used for actual tsunamis, the developers noted that they could also be used as karaoke rooms and first aid booths.

The SAFE+ tsunami pod will cost roughly US$44,000 to $48,000 depending on certain options such as an external generator and roof-mounted solar panel. Tajima Motor plans to produce 1,000 units this year.



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