🇺🇸Hello and Welcome Back to my Channel – ADVENTURES IN AMERICA. During these uncertain times and with many countries opening up for international flights, I would like to share these information for those who will be traveling to the Philippines. I am currently a dual citizen of Philippines and United States of America.

According to the Bureau of Immigration Press Release on July 21, 2020:


MANILA, Philippines -The Bureau of Immigration (BI) clarified that only foreigners with permanent or immigrant visas can enter the country starting August 1.”For the information of the public, the entry of foreign tourists, non-immigrant visa holders, and other categories of aliens are still prohibited. They will be turned back if they land in any of our ports of entry,” BI Commissioner Jaime Morente said.The BI Chief issued the statement upon learning that immigration offices at the airports, and other field offices of the Bureau were being swamped with calls and queries from persons who wrongly thought that the country has opened its doors to all foreigners.”The resolution of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) is clear -only foreigners with existing long-term visas will be allowed entry beginning August 1. So if you are not a permanent resident here, do not attempt to travel to the Philippines because you will be excluded and denied entry by our immigration officers,” Morente said.

✅Here are the links for resources:


❇️Public Health Locator Form From World Health Organization and IATA:

❇️Philippine Airlines Waiver and Declaration Form

-❇️ Form e-cif to minimize the spread of virus into the Philippines through the ports of entry. This is called the electronic case investigation form. Must be filled out 3 days before arrival in the Philippines. ALL PASSENGERS traveling to Philippines NEED to fill out this form.

-❇️Philippine Airlines Travel Guide

-❇️Bureau of Immigration UPDATES❗️

🔰BI implements ban on non-essential travel

🔰BI to Filipino travelers: Strict compliance travel requirements

🔰BI states that only permanent residents can enter Philippines starting August 1, 2020. This means only Philippine passport holders and eligible foreign nationals can enter Philippines or those holders of permanent resident visas in Philippines. All other foreigners will be denied entry for tourism purposes.

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