Crazy Facts You Might Not Know About the Stuarts


The Stuarts ruled Scotland for nearly two and a half centuries before adding the throne of England and Ireland to their realms. When their monarchy was deposed by an act of Parliament the Royal line passed to the House of Hanover. The Stuarts continued to call themselves the rightful heirs to the throne for generations. Their supporters were the Jacobites, and though they ceased attempts to regain the throne of Great Britain, their line continues to the present day, to the Duke of Bavaria, and the 8th Earl Castle Stewart (note the return of the original spelling). Here are some facts about the Stuarts, one of the several former Royal Houses of the United Kingdom…

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10. They were the first to reign as monarchs of the United Kingdom
9. They demonstrated a propensity for losing their heads
8. Their rule saw the monarchy abolished, and then restored
7. The Guy Fawkes conspiracy occurred during their reign
6. So did the Great Fire of London
5. The Stuarts reigned during the Great Plague 0f 1665
4. The Stuarts led Great Britain into Civil War
3. The Pilgrims fled to America during the Stuart Dynasty
2. The Merry Monarch restored the theater and denounced Puritanism
1. The last Stuart monarch endured 17 pregnancies, but no children survived to adulthood

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