Watch Saturday Night Live’s A Teacher Parody Sketch Video


If you haven’t watched Hulu’s new drama A Teacher, it follows a song and dance we’ve seen on screen often: a female high school teacher gets caught in an inappropriate sexual and romantic relationship with her male student at a suburban Texas high school. During Saturday Night Live‘s last episode of the year, the show created their version of the drama’s second season, and it was comedic perfection!

The sketch featured Ego Nwodim as Nicole Williams, a history teacher who gets propositioned by her high school student, played by Andrew Dismukes. When Dismukes tells his teacher that he can’t stop thinking about her, she shuts him down with such swiftness and fury that my feelings almost hurt for him! “You’re pulling a C-minus in my class, that’s not hot for me,” Nwodim points out. “You can barely read!” Dismukes attempts to sway her to see his side of things, but Nwodim is not throwing away her job for his “limp ass little neener.” When he compliments her confidence, she responds that it’s because she has that swagger you have when you’re not a pedophile and you have healthcare and a parking spot. When host Kristen Wiig enters as the principal who actually is sleeping with a student, Nwodim is officially over the whole situation.

Even if you haven’t seen A Teacher, you’ll definitely want to watch the parody. Check out the sketch above!

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