[Vlog] Indian’s Lifestyle in USA | A typical Sunday in Boston


Showing you guys a bit of the lifestyle of an Indian living in the USA.

Hey Guys, In this vlog, I’m showing you guys a bit of the lifestyle of Indian’s living in the USA. The lifestyle obviously depends a lot on which city do you live and how much do you make. Although, in this vlog, I’m covering some basic things typical breakfast, dishwasher, laundry and the place to workout or the gym.
I hope this will entertain a few people while giving an idea to others who are planning to come to USA or Canada for education or work.

Please let me know your feedback and the things which you would like to know about living in the US. Thanks for watching, please subscribe to the channel for more fun and informational videos.

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About Me:

My name is Mayank Ranjan Dayal. I was born and raised in India. I’m a Computer Science graduate from Northeastern University, Boston. I work full time and currently live in the USA.

The idea is to create fun and informational vlogs which can entertain and add a bit to your knowledge as well. Apart from creating the fun vlogs, my mission is to give back to the community and I’m planning to put a lot more content to help students from India and across the world. Please SUBSCRIBE to this channel & SHARE the videos to support me in this journey.



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