WORK AND TRAVEL during Pandemic | What are USA employers saying about it


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Because of the social distancing and lockdowns to stop the spreading of the virus most businesses are closed and there is a lot of uncertainty about what is gonna happen with the Work and Travel program. Even if now the situation seems to be improving there are still doubts about the program running.

And because I’ve seen a lot of people concerned about this situation I got in touch with my previous employer from the time when I’ve been part of this program. He have a few restaurants in a tourist village called Wisconsin Dells, 3 hours north from Chicago. And asked him question like:
Do you think the Work and travel program is still running this summer?
Do you need students this summer?
Do you think there are gonna be tourists coming?
Can you stay open for the summer without students? etc.

He said he is all the time in touch with the sponsors and the guys from the Work and travel agencies but he can’t give me any response for sure because the situation depends by what measures the government will take.

I discussed with him the possibilities that exists for the summer and how he thinks is most likely to happen. You can find in the video the 3 visions resulted from this discussions.

The most likely situation we both agreed on is that is gonna be a slow summer because the people will be more careful with them spending, but on the other side students are not gonna come either. He said is more afraid about the fact that he will have clients coming but he will have a hard time to serve them because there will not be enough students and without students his business is overwhelmed during summer. And the few students that are gonna come are gonna have a lot of offers better paid by the big companies.

There is not very unlikely to have salary from $15 to $20 per hour. And this could be the best summer for the students that decide to come.

I tried to explain a little bit for you in what shape is the USA economy in order to understand better the big picture and to be able to make up your mind about what are you gonna do this summer.

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