An Aids researcher who pioneered an effective use of a “cocktail” of medications in treating early stages of infection has been named Time magazine’s “Man of the Year.”
Dr. David Ho received the annual award for his work in finding a promising combination of inhibitors and antiviral drugs which could add years to the lives of Aids patients.
An Aids researcher has been named Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year,” an award usually reserved for politicians and heads of state.
Time magazine judges say they chose Dr. David Ho because his work has gone toward fighting an epidemic that has shaped an era.
Ho said he wanted to make sure he was receiving the award on behalf of everyone involved in Aids research.
“It obviously is a great honour and I’m overwhelmed by this honour, but I do want to emphasize that this honour should be shared with a lot of people in Aids research: my colleagues, my collaborators, and many other researchers who laid the foundation for the success for the last couple of years. So I am honoured but I want to make sure that the credit is properly given to a lot of people.”
SUPER CAPTION: Dr. David Ho, Time’s “Man of the Year”
His research in fighting Aids with a “cocktail” of inhibitors and antiviral agents has proven effective in slowing the rate of infection in patients.
But at some 20-thousand (U-S) dollars a year for the treatment, only the wealthy and best-insured patients will benefit.
Ho stressed that the combination is not a “magic bullet,” that research still needs to be done to attack the epidemic.
“This honour I think reflects the new optimism in Aids research, the new understanding, the better treatment, particularly in the form of combination treatment that is now available to some patients in our society, and obviously these patients are benefiting more than previously, but we also don’t want to convey to everybody that the Aids problem is over. In fact the odyssey is far from over and a lot remains to be done. So I do want to emphasize these points while being honoured in this way.”
SUPER CAPTION: Dr. David Ho, Time’s “Man of the Year”
Time Magazine says despite the fact that Ho is a researcher — instead of a head of state or religious figure — his work has gone toward shaping history.
“What we try to do when we select Man of the Year is to step back for a moment and try to play historian a bit, as well as journalist, to say a decade from now, maybe even 50 years from now, when people are looking back at the year 1996, what things will they think are important, and how do we put it into context, how do we put a human face on it. So I think the important thing about the Man of the Year is not just to look at who made the biggest splash in the newspapers and magazines that year, but to say who will be remembered, what events will be remembered, what breakthroughs will be remembered.”
SUPER CAPTION: Walter Isaacson, Time Magazine Managing Editor
The last time Time Magazine recognized scientists for the award was in 1960 when 15 scientists were named Men of the Year for assorted accomplishments.

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