Tesla Cybertruck Hot Wheels is so realistic it’s even delayed


Sad day.

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Bad news for Tesla Cybertruck fans: The very cool Hot Wheels versions of the much-hyped electric pickup truck are delayed. Bloomberg first reported Thursday on the new timeline after Mattel, which oversees the Hot Wheels brand, said production issues forced the delay. Boy, does that sound like Tesla through and through.

Mattel didn’t immediately respond to Roadshow’s request for comment, so we don’t have specifics on the “unforeseen production issue,” but the toy cars will now arrive in May 2021. Mattel showed off two versions of the Cybertruck as part of its Hot Wheels brand this past February and they honestly looked pretty nifty. The first is a 1:64 scale, remote-controlled model that will cost $20, but the other RC car is a ginormous 1:10 scale model with a $400 price tag. We went hands-on with the larger version this year and the details are pretty fantastic.

There are working headlights and taillights, the neato fold-down tailgate for cargo, and to our joy, Mattel tosses in reusable cracked window stickers. They commemorate Tesla CEO Elon Musk infamously shattering the window at the electric truck’s reveal and it’s hilarious. On a full charge, the model will run for about 30 minutes at speeds up to 25 mph. Mattel never said exactly how many it plans to make, but shared with Roadshow back in February they’ll be “extremely limited” in quantities. The smaller toy will be more widely available.

Both toy trucks remain sold out on Mattel’s website, but if there are more of them to come, fans will have to wait a few months longer. Even then, Mattel has a good shot at beating the actual Cybertruck to production.

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