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We visited Coron Palawan to give you our Top 10 tips to visit Coron. Honestly, there is a lot more to Palawan than meets the eye! If you’re planning to visit Coron, you need to watch this video full of Philippines travel tips. It took us a lot of internet research and experience visiting palawan to ensure we are giving you the information you need to make your vacation in the philippines the most memorable trip of your life!

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Coron Palawan is a growing Philippine tourist destination, but even the recent popularity hasn’t changed the towns culture. Read below to see our 10 things you need to known before visiting Coron Palawan.

1. How do you get to Coron Palawan, Philippines? There are only a handful of airlines that will fly directly from Manila to Coron.
2. Hotels in Coron, Hostels in Coron, and Resorts in Coron. There are a lot of accommodations in Coron Palawan and we help you narrow it down to the best location so you can choose a hotel that fits your travel style.
3. Where to eat in Coron Palawan. There is a good mix of local filipino restaurants, modern international cuisine, and local filipino street food to choose from. There is food in Coron to suit any budget traveler.
4. How much do you tip in the Philippines? We explain the custom of tipping in the Philippines and tell you to watch for the filipino service charge on your food bill.
5. Can you drink the water in the Philippines? It isn’t safe to drink tap water in the Philippines. Rather, buy bottled water from the stores or local filter center in town.
6. Island hopping in Coron Palawan is the ultimate Philippines travel activity!! Here we outline the different Coron island hopping tours, private island hopping in Coron, and how much it costs to island hop in Coron Palawan.
7. What are the internet speeds in the Philippines? Internet in Coron Palawan is slim to none. Coron has mostly 3G, and hotels will usually have very slow internet in their lobby.
8. How to pay in Coron Philippines. Coron is a cash only town for the most part. There are ATMs in the philippines at a few local banks in the Coron Town center. Are there expensive international ATM fees? It depends on your bank.
9. Transportation in Coron Palawan. There is always someone willing to offer you a ride in Coron. You can rent a motorbike in Coron town proper or catch a tricycle to take you almost anywhere on Palawan island.
10. Does the Philippines speak English? There is a stronger language barrier in Coron than in Manila. Most hotels in Coron will have someone who can speak basic English to help you get to and from places and guide you to activities in Coron. We suggest downloading google translate before you get to Coron Palawan.

We hope you enjoy our top 10 tips visiting Coron Palawan! If you have any questions about Coron or need other philippines travel tips, leave a comment down below and we will respond soon! Don’t forget to subscribe for more travel vlogs and become part of the #DBVfam!

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