Travel to Manila Philippines and Meet Maria from the Province of DAVAO. The Slums in Manila


Pride of Nationalism is very important for the Filipinos because we never had freedom from our overlords. Up to now, we are still slaves of our foreign masters.
We must break from the invisible economic and sociological chains and learn how to stand on our own feet.
The government must do something to stop the foreign powers for exploiting our people and natural resources.

We all know that Filipino politicians are corrupt. Now, from where did we learn how to become corrupt?
The Spaniards and Americans divided us. They did not want us to be united so they can easily control us, Filipinos were not naturally corrupt. Our colonizers taught us how to become corrupt! Corruption divides our society.
Poverty is a broad topic, there is no single answer of why a certain country is poor. To understand poverty, you must look at the bigger picture.
I would like to explain to you thoroughly why the Philippines still remains in the 3rd world. Maybe I should produce a video/film about it sometime soon.

Click the link to watch the story of Delia. Thanks a lot!

Click the link to watch more videos like this one. Thank you…

My brother and I were interviewed by a German journalist. Click the link to watch the film. Thanks!

How much did the Marcos family bribed President Duterte to let a brutal dictator to be buried in the National Heroes’ Cemetery? Click the link to watch the video.

This is what I have to say.



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