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We are on vacation in Missouri at Jenny’s home {ShowMeCute}, and spent some time with an old friend from when we lived here. Her name is Shelby from Owlbeteen { so please subscribe to her!

It is summertime, and it is easy to get bored for us younger folks! My mom always tells us, “Only boring people get bored!”

So, in our efforts to be less boring we are always looking for unique and fun crafts or activities. We stumbled upon this glow jar idea on Pinterest {} and decided to give it a try… it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

The glitter our touille you use in the jar, with the snipped ends of the glow stick, help splatter the glowing liquid all over the jar when you shake it. This gives it a galaxy or Milky Way look to the jar which is so cool!

They are so cheap to make, and can be used for party decorations, lining your sidewalk, while camping, etc! You can even leave one on your best friend’s doorstep at night, with a note telling her how much you appreciate her “lighting” up your life!

Items Needed: Mason jar with lid, 2 glow sticks, straws, glitter and/or tulle {pronounced “tool”}, and scissors.

Safety: Please use goggles or protective eyewear and rubber gloves. The glow sticks are non-toxic, but we are sure they were not intended for use on skin or eyes.

Enjoy the video!


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