Croton Plant Varieties A to Z


► Croton Plant Varieties A to Z, we will see croton varieties, croton is a beautiful indoor plant also croton plants prefer full sun, but depending on the species, some can tolerate partial shade. please let us know which one you have and which one you want to have, post your comments and keep watching!
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00:00 Andrew Croton
00:15 Banana Croton
00:25 Bush on fire Croton
00:35 Eleanor Roosevelt Croton
00:45 Florida Select Croton
00:55 Gold Dust Croton
01:05 Gold Star Croton
01:15 Lauren’s Rainbow Croton
01:25 Magnificent Croton
01:35 Mammy Croton
01:45 Mother and Daughter Croton
01:55 Mrs. Iceton Croton
02:05 Oakleaf Croton
02:15 Petra Croton, Red Iceton Croton
02:26 Sunny Star Croton
02:36 Superstar Croton
02:46 Victoria Gold Bell Croton
02:56 Yellow Iceton Croton
03:06 Zanzibar Croton



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