Zamboanga City, the 3rd largest city in the Philippines by land area, is known for having Hispanic influences in its culture, hence the moniker ‘Asia’s Latin City. In Chavacano, the ‘Ciudad de Zamboanga.’, came from the word ‘Jambangan’, meaning the ‘Land of Flowers’.

In this southwestern part of the Philippines lies a popular Paseo with foreign and local tourists alike. Teeming with decent and clean eateries and entertainment, Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga is known as the city’s Best Nightlife District.

The place is very welcoming. With the well-lighted eight-arch entrance and the tight 24- hour security, you can immediately feel secured to enjoy the sight even till late night.

Embedded on an open slate rock, designed to harmonize with the era of the Fort, the design stretches until the end of the walk where you can find steel benches and granite seats – a perfect area to rest and watch the sunset. This also has a good view of the busy city port area.

Further up the walk are well–situated stretched membrane roofed concessions. Here, you can buy delicious snacks, food and drinks to refresh and energize you while you relax and enjoy under the umbrella- protected chairs. This area has a magnificent panoramic view.

By day, the Paseo is a pleasant area to bring the entire family to—for a leisure brisk walking, jogging, resting and relaxing during early mornings and late afternoons.

At night, the Paseo comes alive with its multi-colored decorative lampposts, giving it a festive atmosphere; enticing everyone to come and enjoy the place.

The perfect place to unwind after a hard day’s toil, it is a watering hole for the young and young at heart to enjoy, experience and cherish under the protection of the native-inspired uniformed cops.

On moonlit nights, the comforting soothing breeze coming from the Basilan Strait gives you a very relaxing atmosphere that wipes your stress away.

Visitors from Manila say the Paseo can be likened to Roxas Boulevard in Manila.

Interesting for its chill-out atmosphere, Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga offers live band or acoustic plays apart from the numerous bars and restaurants. People can also take delight in the dancing fountain, one of the attractions inside the area.

Thus, if you are in Zamboanga, do not forego the opportunity of visiting Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga and experience a world class chill atmosphere. (
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