2020 U.S. Citizenship Interview and Exam N400 (Entrevista Y Examen De Ciudadanía Estadounidense)


Do you want to PASS your US Citizenship Interview with ease? Then this video is for you!
The interview is based on official USCIS materials and experience from ACTUAL applicants who attended the US Naturalization Interview.
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We created this video based on official USCIS materials and experience from ACTUAL applicants who attended the US Naturalization Interview.
This will give you an understanding of what to expect from a naturalization interview.
However, every interview is unique and your upcoming interview might not be the same from this video.
In this scenario, the male applicant arrives early at the USCIS Office and is greeted by the USCIS security guard.
Once he passed through security, she proceeds to the USCIS customer service counter.
The interview appointment is confirmed by the USCIS customer service representative and he waits until he is called for the naturalization interview for U.S. citizenship.

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US Citizenship Certificate Holder with cover.

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