13 Colonies "Rap Parody"


Hey guys, this is actually a school project for the 13 Colonies and explaining what they are in a rap form. Of course, I had a little help from my dad for this one but It was sort of like a parody too, and I thought it was pretty funny but it also could help you with your Geography skills. Sorry for the lack of posting, two new scripts have been written by me for future videos, so… super excited. If you enjoyed, click that like button for me and see ya later. Incoming “Gay” comments…
England came to the USA-
Set up 13 Colonies to have their way.
Grow food, cotton, tobacco on fertile soil
Cash crops using slaves to toil.
13 Colonies divided in 3
From North to South they’re going to be
New England & Middle, Southern there.
Lets talk about which colonies go where
New England is north, the fishing is good, building ships made out of wood. Connecticut , Rhode Island, Massachusetts too, New Hampshire makes 4 and were are through. The winters png & The summers short. Many trees and good seaports. Often colonies, I’m here to report, Geographically they’re furtherest north. The middle colonies let me declare, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, & Delaware. Lower than New England so the growing season was a lot better, sunlight was the reason. Rivers helped the farmers, get their goods sold. Animals to be hunted for food and clothes. Religions were diverse & tolerated unusual for colonies, diversity can be hated. Maryland, Virginia & North Carolina. South Carolina & Georgia, the weather couldn’t be finer. The Southern Colonies, the weather was hot, wild winters, warm summers is what you got. These make for perfect farming, growing season longer, Tobacco, Indigo, Rice the economy couldn’t be stronger. They were Baptists & highly religious, they had slaves. What’s up with that? I’ll take it to my grave. 13 Colonies, England was the boss, to exploit resources, Native Americans to be tossed. $ from taxes, slaves from labor, but it soon would end, wouldn’t it neighbor?



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