It was awesome that before we bid farewell to my old nickname Jake Tarug, we were able to meet the person it was inspired from. (It was actually my fellow riders who gave me that moniker). For those who aren’t updated yet, from now on, I am still JT, but it stands for Juan Tourismo. It is inspired by Gran Turismo which means the grand tour. We are doing the pinoy or Philippine grand tour hence the name Juan.

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Ride Schedule:

Quick links of our latest tours:

Quickie Ride #3 Part 2:
Quickie Ride #3 Part 1:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep6:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep5:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep4 Part 2:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep4 Part 1:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep3 Part 2:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep3 Part 1:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep2:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep1 Part 2:
Tarlac-Zambales Ep1 Part 1:
Helmet Giveaway:
Catanduanes Ride Ep7:
Catanduanes Ride Ep6 part 2:
Catanduanes Ride Ep6 part 1:
Catanduanes Ride Ep5:
HisCon 2018:
Catanduanes Ride Ep4:
Catanduanes Ride Ep3:
Catanduanes Ride Ep2:
Catanduanes Ride Ep1:
Playa Laiya, Batangas:
What to bring on long rides:
Ride DEStination #1:
Paete Revisit Ep2:
Paete Revisit Ep1:
BMW R1200GS review:
Honda NC700 Review:
Quickie Ride #2 Ep1:
Epic Ride7 –
Epic Ride6 –
Epic Ride5 –
Epic Ride4 –
Epic Ride3 – Minalungao National Park:
Epic Ride2 – JL Jamie’s Crispy Pata:
Epic Ride1 – Angat Eco Park:
MonteMaria Statue:
Galleria Taal:
Lipa City: Milea Bee Farm:
Tanauan: Mabini Shrine:
Quickie Ride#1:
Big Bike Expo 2018:
Acuatico Beach Resort:
Bataan Ep3:
Bataan Ep2:
Bataan Ep1:
Pampanga, culinary capital:
Bitukang Manok:
Masbate Ep5:
Masbate Ep4:
Masbate Ep3:
Masbate Ep2 part 2:
Masbate Ep2 part 1:
Masbate Ep1:
Lukong Valley:
Yamaha Yzone and Suzuki Big Bikes:
Kota Keluarga w/ Canon G7X Mark ii:
Bangkong Kahoy Valley:
Inside Racing Bike Fest 2018:
KTM Makati with Des Buncio:
Catanauan Revisit Ep3:
Catanauan Revisit Ep2:
Catanauan Revisit Ep1:
Offline GPS App:
MoTour Meet and Greet #2:
Kawasaki Window Shopping:
Marinduque Ep3:
Marinduque Ep2:
Marinduque Ep1:
Caliraya Short Ride:
My Vlogging Gear:
Yamaha NMAX Review:
Mindoro Epic Ride Ep3:
Mindoro Epic Ride Ep2:
Mindoro Epic Ride Ep1:
Treasure Mountain:
First MoTour Meet and Greet:



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