13 The 13 Colonies of Loyal British Subject and EU4 LP


On the 1st of January 1632 His Majesty King Charles the 1st of England saw fit that the Crown Colonies on the East Coast of Americas were to be reconstituted and unified under a single colonial government namely Thirteen Colonies.

I DrNickDoom as a loyal Subject of the Crown of England will be leading the newlyestablished colonial government.

on this day i make a proclamation to all the people of the Thirteen Colonies and beyond that i will.

first and foremost Work for the betterment of the Crown and its Subjects

secondly i will work to extend the boundaries of the Thirteen Colonies in order to bring civilization and the light of god to Land where it is not

and that finally i will extend all right and responsibilities of being a citizen of the thirteen colonies to anyone who will pledge allegiance to the Crown Despite their origin.

ok now OOC

i am starting at 1st of January 1632 as this is the 1st time you can click to play the Thirteen Colonies i will not do striving for independances but i will be trying to grow and exspand as much as i can

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