Watch the Ridiculous Trailer For Lifetime’s KFC Movie


“Secret’s out, chicken man,” is a line uttered in the trailer for Lifetime’s upcoming romantic thriller about KFC’s Colonel Sanders. (And yes, against all odds and better judgment, that is an entirely factual statement.) Airing on Sunday, Dec. 13, A Recipe For Seduction is a 15-minute short film of course sponsored by the fast-food chain. Amazingly, however, they were able to land Mario Lopez as chef Harland Sanders, who (presumably) woos an heiress with his dashing good looks and fried-chicken recipe.

The very effective marketing stunt has caused a stir on social media since the trailer was released on Monday. One tweet noted how the “spirit of 30 Rock” was alive and well in the short film, while another that has over 1,500 likes at press time simply shouted, “I WILL NEVER RECOVER.” Neither will I . . . but not before tuning in to find out if Harland and Jessica end up together.

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