Meet Bruno Mars’ talented family


The Grammy-owner and pop idol of the youth Bruno Mars is the one of the most famous male singers of the modernity. He started out as a songwriter working with Wavin’ Flag, Right’Round, Long Distance and other artists. Public first heard about Bruno in 2010, when his own hit Nothin’ on You appeared.

Singer has been musically inclined since birth because of his artistic family. He even mentioned that he was never trained to play a musical instrument, but due to the influence of his relatives, it just came out naturally. Bruno’s birth name is actually Peter Gene Hernandez. His moniker appeared thanks to his siblings who called him in honor of well-known wrestler Bruno Sammartino.

So let’s briefly have a look on Just The Way You Are singer family, which had a huge impact on him.

His mother Philippines immigrant Bernadette San Pedro Bayot was a singer and a hula dancer. Bernadette had always knew that her son was special. She used to be a huge support and perfect example for Bruno. After she got divorced with the father of her children and married another man kids preferred to stay with her. Unfortunately, she died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm. Bruno even got a tattoo on his arm in honor of his mom.

Bruno was named after his father Peter Hernandez a Latin percussionist from Brooklyn, who was a producer of the Lovenotes show. Peter met Bernadette on the set of his show. They got married and brought up six wonderful kids.

Eric Hernandez is 9 years older than his brother and he is the only male sibling to the celebrity. Eric has been the drummer in Mars’ band The Hooligans.

J’aime Kailani is an older sister born in 1983. She actually used to be Bruno’s cousin but Hernandez family adopted her. J’amie was a member of a girls band together with her sisters called Laylas – acronym for “Love Ya Like A Sister”. She also has found a non-commercial organization 4 Mama Earth in 2007. Now J`aime and her husband are parenting two children Marley and Jaimo.

Tiara Hernandez was born a year before Bruno in 1984. She tried to be preschool teacher but then decided to join the rest of her sisters and become a singer.

The younger sister to a star Tahiti Hernandez also started to sing since early age. Now Tahiti plays in WeTV sisterhood series and is a mother of four Bruno’s nephews.

The youngest member of Hernandez family Presley Mahone is a successful actress, singer, producer and also a caring mother.

Bruno’s long-term partner Jessica Marie Caban is the first Model Latina champion ever. Bruno met Jessica at the Co-op restaurant in New York in 2012 since then they have been dating. Bruno describes Jessica as his best friend and his rock. The couple is trying to keep their relationship away from the flashlights.



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