Candle Making for Beginners: Easy Soy Candles / Christmas gift idea 2019 / DIY candle making tutorial / How to make scented candles – Candle making basics 101

Hey friends and welcome back to another craft video! This time we’re making candles and seeing as its Christmas time I figured I’d see if I could theme them that way as well so if you’re struggling to find gifts this could be just the idea for you! Or literally any other time of year because there is no wrong time to light a scented candle to freshen up a space!

So I’ve been making candles on and off for a while now and with a bit of equipment, some of which you may even already have laying about, it’s pretty easy to get a start! All you need is a big pot, a set of scales, a pouring jug, thermometer, jars, fragrance, wicks and wax! Thats basically it and anything else is just extra if you wanna make your life easier or get more fancy with your candle making.

Now, I had a brain fart and accidentally overloaded my wax when I was filming but your general rules for soy wax are as follows:

– Make all measurements by weight – so invest in fairly accurate scales if you can
– Heat your wax (soy) up to about 80ºC before adding your fragrance – you can experiment with temperatures and fragrances to see if slight variations work better but thats a good starting point.
– Use 10% fragrance for soy candles (I accidentally went too high)
– You can even experiment with bringing your wax down to certain temperatures to alter cooling times and change how the wax sticks to the side of the jars. It is possible to get the wax to stick evenly all around the edge of the jars, but fluctuations in temperature during storage can get it to pull away so really its more trouble than its worth but you can definitely try. (Frosted glass is awesome for hiding this)

So give candle-making a go either as a hobby or if you’ve been wondering about starting up a small candle making business theres never a better time than the present to start. After your first few batches it’ll become near second nature!

Wishing you all well and the very best for the new year!

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