Go Philippines – Tinago Falls Real Time Close Up View Mar 29 2015


Apart from Maria Christina Falls, Tinago Falls is considered as one of the primary tourist attractions in Iligan, a metropolitan recognized as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. The moniker Tinago Falls was coined from a Tagalog word which means concealed or hidden since the falls requires an estimate of 500 downhill, winding steps before it can be reached. The falls is around 240-feet high and is well-love for its picturesque waters, cascading magnificently into a deep, tranquil puddle which embodies that of a blue-hued lagoon that is ideal for swimming. Beneath the falls is a little cavern where tourists can come in and be drawn by the calming sound of the waters. Furthermore, it is believed that Tinago Falls is a haven for those with worn-out spirits who long to be one with nature. The journey towards the falls’ deep ravine immerses you to diverse flora and fauna. For more info, Go Philippines Travel Tips,



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