Watch SNL’s “The Christmas Conversation” Skit | Video


We know you’ve heard it before: this holiday season is going to look a little bit different. Instead of celebrating with family and friends this year, the CDC encourages people to stay home and continue social distancing. That might lead to some uncomfortable conversations, but luckily Saturday Night Live added some humor to any hard talks happening this month.

In a skit from SNL‘s Dec. 5 episode, cast members Lauren Holt, Ego Nwodim, and Chloe Fineman play three girls who tell their moms they won’t be traveling for the holidays. Although the conversations are a little rocky (“I’ll just throw your stocking in the fire!”), everyone ends up in the same place — with “I love yous” and wishes to stay safe. See? That’s the message we need in 2020. Check out the full sketch above.

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