The Mansory Venatus is the CRAZIEST Lamborghini Urus EVER!


The insane Mansory Venatus is the result of taking a Lamborghini Urus are making every single aspect of it more extreme and crazy! The styling is more dramatic, the exhaust is much noisier, it’s wider and lower, the interior is totally retrimmed, the Urus has 24″ wheels, and it’s a completely unique creation. Let’s take a complete walkaround look at it before going out for a drive for the full experience.

Mansory presented their take on the Lamborghini Urus at the 2019 Geneva Motorshow, with the full conversion package under the moniker, Venatus. From top to bottom you can see the changes including a full carbon fibre bonnet with new more aggressive styling and carbon pieces to the bumper. Underneath the wider arches sit 24″ wheels with new springs before more extra carbon lines the side skirts. At the rear is not one but a total of 4 wings or spoilers including the large fixed carbon piece above a new triple tip exhaust system that certainly provides the sound from the 4.0l twin turbo V8.

On the inside you won’t find something that hasn’t been changed, with the almost overwhelming bright blue finish. The leathers and trims, and even the speaker grilles are all modified to match and contrast with the white and black of the exterior.

After a walkaround it’s time to jump on board, fire it up and go out for a drive to get a feel for what the Mansory Urus is like!

Thanks for watching, Tim




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