I Love My Teacher – Max Surban | Karaoke | Videoke | HD 馃幎 馃帳


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I Love My Teacher – Max Surban | Karaoke | Videoke | HD 馃幎 馃帳

Max Surban (born Maximo Surban, May 15, 1939) is a Filipino singer in mainly in Cebuano language. He has been given the moniker King of Visayan Song. Like his fellow Visayan, the Bol-anon singer Yoyoy Villame, Max Surban has also become famous for his singing of so-called novelty songs which usually have humorous lyrics and may or may not be set to original music. On several occasions, both Yoyoy Villame and Max Surban have appeared together on stage and even recorded together a few albums.

Although known primarily for his singing of novelty songs, he has also recorded romantic ballads.
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I Love My Teacher karaoke



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