Boxes Arrive From Sharon (UK) and The Voegele Family (USA) (Part One)


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I have never felt so broken by love while receiving boxes. I felt the love that was in the hands that wrapped up contents in those boxes and felt some current flowing up my hands as I opened the boxes and unwrapped the gifts. So many boxes of gloves!!! Just heavenly; out of this world! My heart leaped with gratitude as my eyes released some tears of joy in that nick of time where love and necessity meet and hold hands. I thought about Alex and how much love he’d received from Sharon, Leanne, Reece and many others whose eyes got insomnia just for his life, and made sure he’s alive. God heard their cries and spared Alex. I saw the water purifiers from the Voegeles and thought about the people of Miluki in Bumula Constituency whom I once met having looong queues for water. I thought about a young girl who stumbled and fell with water on her head, breaking her front teeth, but going back to the river to get water and come again on that very route. My head ran fast to Mwikhupo and I thought about that family with two co-wives who have a river flowing at the nether parts of their farm but they cannot drink of its waters because they are contaminated. When I saw the solar lights I thought about the darkness that blankets poor people’s houses as soon as pre-dusk approaches, and there I thought about Isaiah and his son Jacob and their house that had a little paraffin lamp on the rugged wall. I thought about my own childhood growing up in Kibingei village, where we used logs of wood for lighting purposes and for warmth in cold nights. I remembered one day washing my only pair of shoes when I was in form two and putting it beside the fire, only to wake up the following morning and find one shoe half burned. I wept so bitterly that morning and for two weeks did not go to school as my father struggled to get another pair of shoes for my schooling! These thoughts that come from personal experiences almost made me overwhelmed. I cannot thank Sharon and the Voegele family under the able supervision of Ms Edna Voelege, the mom in the home for putting together those gifts for the peoples of Africa. “So she was this serious?”, I thought.



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