5 Things I wished I knew before getting an Electric Unicycle!!


Excited or just Curious about riding an Electric Unicycle? Here’re 5 things I wished I knew before I bought one!!

Episode 69! Electric Unicycle (EUNI) are like no other form of personal transport, not just that they are harder to learn how to ride or that they only have one wheel. After having ridden one daily for the past two years, here are a few things I wished I knew before jumping into this awesome sport/ hobby!

Here’s Archie/ Panda’s ultimate Gotway DAY ONE CHECKLIST!

These steps require that you open up your side panel (side with the control board) first!

A) unplug the power discharge the capacitance by pushing the power button down,

B) Make sure that the phase wires from the motor are firmly plugged in

C) Make sure that all the wires are plugged in and there’s a little silicone on them

D) check that both batteries or all three batteries are at the same voltage and then they connect,

E) check that all axle nuts and support l arms screws and shell screws are tight

F) check that all 12 MOSFET screws are tight

G) check that that is nothing blocking the fan and the fan is secured

H) when you plug the xt60 /90 back in secure it with zip tie,

I) have it standing while turning it on check the lights that they working check the cut off switch is working check buZzer and usb that is working and check that your charger is working.

J) when you still have the panels open check that you have a Bluetooth connection to your app and to your music

k) balance the wheel and out right pressure

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& “SOOHAN- Let Your Children Play (Moniker x Wardruna x The Doors x Astarius)” by SOOHAN
& “Side You” by David Cutter Music
& “Sorry” by Jantrax –
& “the Island” by Jantrax –
& “Saints” By Not the King
& “Pill R/B” by Not the King
& “No Problems In November” by SOOHAN

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